By Tim Ryan

In the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape of Hampton Roads, the herald of innovation, Lighthouse Labs, is calling for visionaries to join its Spring 2024 cohort. Innovate Hampton Roads takes pride in sharing this beacon of opportunity as applications for Batch 16 swing wide open, eager to welcome the architects of tomorrow.

At Innovate Hampton Roads, we recognize the transformative journey that Lighthouse Labs offers to founders. It’s not just an accelerator; it’s a crucible where innovation is nurtured and entrepreneurial dreams are forged into reality. This program is a testament to the thriving spirit of our region, an invitation to solo founders and co-founders committed to active engagement, learning, and networking within an enriching ecosystem.

Lighthouse Labs seeks high-tech, high-growth potential companies that are on the cusp of greatness, ready to leap from a solid MVP to a market-ready force. With a tailored 11-week program, founders are endowed with $20K in equity-free funding, mentoring, and investor connections, setting a new standard for what it means to be part of something great.

We at Innovate Hampton Roads are particularly thrilled about Lighthouse Labs’ commitment to inclusivity, as a significant number of its founders since inception come from groups traditionally underrepresented in entrepreneurship. This aligns perfectly with our mission to weave a diverse, vibrant tapestry of business innovators in Hampton Roads.

The ideal candidate for Lighthouse Labs is a full-time founder with strong ethics, resilience, and coachability. They welcome startups with a validated business model and a proven market need, particularly those in healthcare-related and FinTech sectors. While they have a nationwide reach, there is a warm invitation to Virginia-based companies, underscoring the local entrepreneurial spirit.

We know the power of community endorsements, and we encourage you to share this opportunity with potential candidates who exemplify these qualities. With a deadline of December 14 at noon, there’s no time like the present to step forward.

Innovate Hampton Roads invites you to explore this chance to join Lighthouse Labs. Learn more at their Linktree, attend an informational session, and when the vision and drive align, take the step to apply via F6S. This is more than an accelerator program; it’s a milestone in the entrepreneurial story of Hampton Roads—a story we continue to write together.