By Tim Ryan

The Hampton Roads region is a beacon of talent and innovation, evidenced by Virginia Business Magazine’s “100 People to Meet in 2024.” This prestigious list highlights the movers and shakers shaping Virginia’s future, and it’s thrilling to see so many of our own making waves.

🌟 Arketa Howard is revolutionizing the offshore wind industry at Crowley Maritime. Her leadership in the Women of Offshore Wind group is inspiring, showing that representation and community are key to progress.

🏥 Amy Sampson of CHKD is a testament to dedication and innovation in healthcare. Under her leadership, the Children’s Pavilion is transforming mental health services for children, not just in our region but across the nation.

🌐 Mark Uren at United Way of South Hampton Roads is focusing on kids and education, set to make a significant impact in our communities. His approach to leadership and innovation is a breath of fresh air.

🚢 Mike Hopkins of Fairwinds Landing is at the forefront of maritime operations, working on projects that will shape the industry in Hampton Roads and beyond.

🏢 Shawn Tibbetts at Armada Hoffler is redefining leadership in real estate, emphasizing teamwork and innovation in every project.

🎓 William Kelly at Christopher Newport University is shaping future leaders with a vision that extends beyond the campus to the global stage.

💡 Eileen Brewer at 757 Accelerate is bringing her Silicon Valley experience to nurture high-potential startups in Norfolk, offering invaluable mentorship and support.

🔌 Ryan Key at Dominion Energy exemplifies inclusive leadership, advocating for diversity and community engagement.

🌱 Paul Nolde drives the entrepreneurial ecosystem, leading 757 Collab and 757 Angels to new heights.

🏥 Becky Sawyer of Sentara Health is tackling healthcare challenges with innovative strategies to improve the well-being and safety of their workforce.

🚀 Hunter Walsh is fostering entrepreneurship through 757 Startup Studios, providing essential support to startups.

📈 Tim Ryan is centralizing efforts to foster growth for startups and small businesses with Innovate Hampton Roads.

🔬 Gymama Slaughter at ODU is a pioneer in biomedical research, developing innovative cancer treatments and engaging young minds in STEM.

Jeremy Bridges leads the Hampton Roads Shipping Association, bringing a wealth of experience to our region’s shipping industry.

🏦 Tyrone Noel is shaping the financial landscape, leading Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Hampton Roads with a focus on community and employee growth.

🎬 Angela Costello is a visionary in communications and marketing at VIPC, combining her passion for aviation and technology.

🛳  Capt. Janet Days makes history as the first African American commanding officer of Naval Station Norfolk, a role she fills with distinction and pride.

🚢 Stephen Kirkland is steering Norfolk’s cruise ship program and Nauticus towards exciting new horizons, showcasing the city’s maritime charm.

🌆 Linda Peck is transforming Norfolk through the Norfolk Innovation Corridor, fostering a thriving tech startup scene.

🤝 Sarah Jane Kirkland at ODU is building bridges between academia and the corporate world, creating new opportunities for partnership and growth.

💡 Kevin Leslie is guiding innovation at ODU, turning groundbreaking ideas into viable commercial products.

These remarkable individuals are not just making Hampton Roads a better place; they’re setting the stage for a brighter future for all of Virginia. Their achievements in various fields – from healthcare and education to energy and technology – are a source of immense pride and inspiration. Let’s celebrate their contributions and look forward to the innovations and developments they will bring to our community and beyond.