The Virginia Beach Trail (VB Trail) project, boosted by a recent $14.9 million federal Department of Transportation windfall, is exploring the unbeaten path in ways that promise to reshape the direction of our collective footsteps.

Behind the scenes of city plans and grants, is the story of a vibrant Hampton Roads community. The Virginia Beach Trail whispers of a more economically robust future for Virginia Beach, enticing both residents and visitors to explore the crossroads of commerce and culture.

Part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan since 1981, the trail is poised to become the easternmost segment of the 41-mile-long South Hampton Roads Trail, unifying the region and beyond. While the VB Trail’s primary goal is to enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists, its impact extends far beyond the realm of active transportation. The nearly 15 million-dollar quality-of-life investment breathes vitality into a local jurisdiction that has already been experiencing rapid growth in recent years.

The project invites residents and visitors on a walking or cycling journey through the city’s vibrant streets, promising hidden gems and discoveries.

We recognize the symbolism. The trail is not just an awesome civics project; it’s a manifestation of decades of efforts and collective dreams, and an embodiment of what is yet to come, when our communities join forces locally and across the span of the region. The unspoken call-to-action is clear: we continue this journey together, not just as separate entities, but as one collective force propelling Virginia Beach – and the Hampton Roads region – into a future of shared prosperity.

In the coming City Council agenda, as funds are voted upon and the grant accepted, the unseen forces of economic activity will continue to spread ripples of collaboration and opportunity across Virginia Beach and beyond.

Step into more details about the VB Trail adventure in the official VB Parks and Rec press release.