By Tim Ryan

Innovation knows no bounds in the Hampton Roads region, especially with the recent technological advancements brought forth by Greenwave Technology Solutions. Their latest creation, the Scrap App, is a game-changer in the scrap metal and vehicle recycling industry. Launched in 2023, this innovative mobile application has already made significant waves in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and Cleveland, Ohio.

The Scrap App’s journey in its first 90 days is nothing short of remarkable. Generating over $100,000 in revenue from car purchases alone, it’s a testament to the app’s efficiency and user-friendly design. This early success is just a glimpse of its potential in the multi-billion dollar scrap metal industry. For perspective, a competitor in the same space boasts an annual revenue of $159 million, underscoring the immense growth opportunities for the Scrap App.

Greenwave Technology Solutions isn’t stopping there. They are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the car scrapping process. By optimizing pricing and automating systems, they aim to create unprecedented efficiencies for both scrappers and businesses. This AI integration is a bold step towards a smoother, more efficient scrapping experience.

Currently available in Virginia and North Carolina, the Scrap App has its sights set on broader horizons. With plans to roll out in several additional strategic markets, the potential for growth is enormous. Greenwave has also strategically positioned Scrap App, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, to manage and evolve the Scrap App platform, further cementing its commitment to innovation and market expansion.

The Scrap App by Greenwave Technology Solutions is a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurship in our region. Its swift market capture and ambitious plans for AI integration and geographical expansion are not just a boon for the company but a symbol of the vibrant innovation ecosystem in Hampton Roads. As it continues to grow, the Scrap App is poised to redefine the standards in the scrap metal industry, making it an exciting development to watch.