By Tim Ryan

Innovate Hampton Roads is thrilled to spotlight the phenomenal success of the Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC), a local beacon of innovation in the realm of drone technology. Based in the City of Hampton, AAC’s recent recognition as one of the top ten drone companies in the USA is a testament to their groundbreaking work and a moment of pride for the entire Hampton Roads region.

AAC’s journey to the forefront of drone innovation exemplifies the spirit of ingenuity and determination that defines our region. Their focus on developing sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced aerial systems aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Innovate Hampton Roads, where we celebrate and support innovations that drive positive change and sustainable growth.

This accolade for AAC is particularly significant as it underscores Hampton Roads’ growing influence in the national tech landscape. As a hub for cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurship, our region is proving to be fertile ground for companies like AAC, which are setting new standards in their industries.

The support provided by REaKTOR, the technology innovation center located within our region, plays a pivotal role in nurturing companies like AAC. This collaboration exemplifies how strategic support and resources can propel visionary companies to national and global recognition.

At Innovate Hampton Roads, we believe AAC’s achievement is more than just a company milestone; it’s a regional triumph. It demonstrates the immense potential that lies within Hampton Roads for creating technological solutions that resonate on a national scale. AAC’s success story is a shining example of what can be achieved when innovative minds work in an environment that fosters creativity and growth.

We are immensely proud of AAC’s recognition as a leader in drone technology and are excited about the future prospects this brings to our region. This accomplishment not only puts Hampton Roads on the map in the tech industry but also inspires other entrepreneurs and innovators in our community to reach for the stars.

As we celebrate AAC’s success, Innovate Hampton Roads remains committed to supporting and highlighting the extraordinary talents and innovations within our region. AAC’s achievement is a clear indicator of the vibrant and dynamic future ahead for Hampton Roads in the realm of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.