By Tim Ryan

Winter is thawing early, as things begin to heat up in Hampton Roads!

Entrepreneurial fever has hit us again — and in 2024 — the competition is moving with bolder intentions than ever! We’re talking about Start Peninsula 2024 — an event that’s shaking the Hampton roads entrepreneurial community up and turning local ideas into reality.

Tidewater residents like you, with bold visions – from Norfolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach and all across Hampton Roads – come together to pitch their idea, learn to convert their into a viable business, and strengthen their network with local mentors who are willing to provide support and expertise.

Twelve finalists compete to win a slice of over $15,000 in micro-grants ranging, from $500 – 5,000. Real money, real community, real impact!

Do you have a business idea that you believe could change our region? This competition is for you!

Every year, a local community of men and women from all over the region step up to show us that Hampton Roads continues to have some of the most diverse and dense talent pools in the United States. Last year, we rocked the charts as the #1 ecosystem for Veteran-owned businesses. Now, we’re taking that success to a whole new level!

Let’s get down to business. First up, the Info Session on Feb 16th at 12:00 pm. It’s not just a meeting; it’s your backstage pass to all the juicy details.

Then, on Mar 6th from 6-8 pm, we’ve got Pitch Perfect sessions—your chance to polish those pitching skills like a pro.

And mark your calendar for Mar 20th, where you can step into the spotlight at the Micro Pitch event, where many of 2024’s most exciting local startups made their grand entrance!

Innovate Hampton Roads is in the game, providing the support, mentorship, and connections that will help you turn your ideas into thriving local businesses. Innovate Hampton Roads is the megaphone—but you are the voices we need to amplify!

Every session, whether it’s a Pitch Perfect night, a Micro Pitch event, or a casual networking meetup on July 12th, is a stepping stone toward your entrepreneurial dreams. It’s not just about pitching; it’s about being part of a local movement that celebrates innovation, collaboration, and success in Hampton Roads.

Feeling the excitement? Well, don’t just sit there! Apply to pitch here.
Acceptance notifications are due within the next two weeks.

And Micro Pitch events are limited to just ten pitchers. It’s not a crowd; it’s an intimate gathering where you get to shine, and we’ve got the whole community rallying behind you.

If you haven’t applied yet, now is the moment. The potential for these events to sell out is high, and we want your idea to have chance to shine.

Whether you’re a passionate pitcher, an enthusiastic participant, or just cheering from the sidelines, your presence is what fuels the local economic growth in Hampton Roads. This isn’t just a series of mentorship events; it’s a season of growth, learning, and unparalleled opportunity. Click here to learn more.

Let’s kickstart a season of innovation! 🚀 #StartPeninsula2024 #InnovateHamptonRoads #EntrepreneurialSpirit