By James Doe

Over the dimly lit, blue-light backdrop of my dark-mode LinkedIn Mobile UI, a burst of white-hot text caught my eye—a digital lightning strike in the night:

“… just quietly dropped the biggest update changing how people find financial advisors forever.”

On January 20th, Virginia Beach-based tech startup Advisor Finder launched an update, pledging to revolutionize how Americans confront financial challenges.

As the entrepreneurial fever heats up like a wildfire across Hampton Roads, there’s a growing need to tell the human stories behind the tech talk.

To peel back the layers, I sat down with co-founders Drew Keever and Jason Friedman. The revelation? Everyday people speak a totally differently language than financial advisors do.

Advisor Finder wants to bridge the gap, and help users find a financial guide whose experiences line up with the specific problem at the right time.

In a sea of social media feed updates, this one stands out—not just for technical innovation but for its human touch. It’s about understanding the financial journey, providing support through the anxieties tied to money.

So what’s the reason to dig deeper? Because after speaking with Drew and Jason, I found out that beyond the algorithms and code, this update is really about the struggle to find someone who speaks your language.

Advisor Finder’s step forward isn’t just about an app update.

It’s about taking a bold leap toward a future where people can find accessible, relatable financial advice that fits better with real life.

In reality, my conversation revealed that this startup isn’t just a business for Drew and Jason.

It’s a response to something—they believe they can reshape the way communities like Hampton Roads experience everyday life.

In celebrating Hampton Roads’ expanding entrepreneurial ecosystem, stories like these challenge us to look beneath the surface.

Behind every tech update is a human reaching out. Behind every one of these screens are real lives and unique human experiences.

In this case, Advisor Finder’s update milestone isn’t just a thread in the timeline. It’s a chapter that explores the way language shapes our financial health.

And so with a simple update, members of this community could be a whole lot closer to finding financial advisors who understand unique situations when help is needed the most.

Where innovation pulses right beneath the surface like a rhythmic drum—a social media update became an invitation to form richer connections between three people.

Beyond social media posts, these stories invite us to connect. The heartbeat of human experience echoes within walls of every one of our Hampton Roads communities.

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About the writer:
James Doe is Innovate Hampton Roads Associate Director, and a local Hampton Roads startup founder. With roots in Brooklyn, James champions diverse tech empowerment, local innovation, and emphatic collaboration within the Hampton Roads entrepreneurial ecosystem.