By James Doe

Virginia’s job creators are smashing records in business creation, and Hampton Roads is leading the charge.

“…the fastest pace for new business creation ever recorded.” – Joe Fleming, SBA Regional Administrator

The entire state witnessed an entrepreneurial explosion, with over 132,000 Virginians filing applications to launch new businesses—up over 16% from the previous year.

It’s a reflection of the visionary, gutsy entrepreneurs like the founders right here in Hampton Roads driving that unprecedented growth.

Landmarks like the iconic Assembly building at 400 Granby in Norfolk, or the popular HIVE building at 140 Independence in Virginia Beach aren’t just meeting places for entrepreneurs and founders—they’re symbols of innovation, ambition, and a drive for success that’s burning in the hearts of thousands of our residents.

Hampton Roads entrepreneurs are not just making local history; they’re rewriting the rules of what’s possible for the region on a national stage.

Fueled by support from the local economic ecosystem, confidence is soaring. We’re not just talking about businesses; we’re talking about a region that believes it can conquer the world.

Community pride has never been higher. In this narrative, everyone plays a crucial role, contributing to the story of a new Golden Age for the Hampton Roads economy.

Most important, recognition is finally shining a spotlight on the unique optimism and ingenuity of our entrepreneurs. It’s not just about individual success; it’s about a collective effort shaping the destiny of our community.

We’re just at the beginning of something monumental. Each step forward contributes to a narrative that’s bound to be big for all of us.

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About the writer:
James Doe is Innovate Hampton Roads Associate Director, and a local Hampton Roads startup founder. With roots in Brooklyn, James champions diverse tech empowerment, local innovation, and emphatic collaboration within the Hampton Roads entrepreneurial ecosystem.