By Tim Ryan

SVT Robotics, a shining example of innovation in Hampton Roads, has embarked on a strategic partnership with Netlogistik, a specialist in warehouse management system implementation. This collaboration leverages SVT Robotics’ revolutionary SOFTBOT Platform, which stands at the forefront of simplifying integration and workflows for warehouse robotics. The partnership marks a significant stride in warehouse automation, offering Netlogistik’s customers using Blue Yonder the ability to deploy automation with unprecedented ease. This integration reduces support costs and maximizes uptime, transforming the landscape of warehouse operations.

SVT Robotics’ SOFTBOT Platform is a game-changer in the industry. It normalizes and aggregates data from various sources, empowering companies to optimize their operations effectively. Scott Zickert of Netlogistik highlights the platform’s seamless integration of diverse automation technologies, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability. Jay Blinderman from SVT Robotics celebrates this partnership, noting the combined success with multiple customers. As a Blue Yonder Gold Partner, Netlogistik’s proven methodology in optimizing warehouses complements SVT Robotics’ innovative approach, driving faster value and lowering operational costs.

This partnership exemplifies the innovative spirit of Hampton Roads’ companies like SVT Robotics and signals a transformative era in warehouse automation. It’s a story of regional innovation impacting the global stage, inspiring the local community in Hampton Roads to embrace and lead in technological advancements.