By Tim Ryan

Rubin Education, a Hampton Roads-based company, has recently expanded its educational impact to Silicon Valley‘s Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District (MVLA). This partnership signifies a significant step for Rubin, bringing its expertise in business communication skills to a region known for its technological innovation and home to tech giants like Google, LinkedIn, Intuit, and Microsoft.

Mountain View, a hub for these technology leaders, now benefits from Rubin’s Emerge curriculum, which is integrated into MVLA’s learning management system, Canvas. This curriculum focuses on crucial employability skills, teaching students how to create professional email addresses, navigate business interactions, and handle ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Emerge offers a comprehensive online library with over 300 instructional items, designed to enhance students’ abilities in writing, speaking, and leadership.

The founder of Rubin Education, Danny Rubin, expressed pride in gaining the trust of educators in Mountain View. He emphasized the importance of equipping students with soft skills to complement their technical training, especially in a community that produces students poised to address complex software challenges.

Rubin’s impact in California extends beyond Mountain View, with collaborations in other school districts including Irvine, Palm Springs, Coachella, Bakersfield, and Lynwood near Los Angeles. These partnerships underline Rubin’s growing influence in the realm of business communication education.

Additionally, Rubin’s Propel email etiquette tool has garnered attention for its effectiveness in teaching proper email communication. Propel, functioning as a Chrome extension and Outlook Add-In, guides students in crafting formal emails, a skill increasingly necessary in today’s digital communication landscape. This tool, along with Rubin’s other offerings like the Aspire video library, demonstrates the company’s commitment to preparing students for success in professional environments.

Rubin’s dedication to improving business communication skills is clear in its ongoing efforts to provide valuable resources and tools for students and educators alike. The expansion to Mountain View and other Californian districts is a testament to the company’s reach and effectiveness in empowering the next generation of professionals with essential soft skills.

The Rubin team offers free pilots of Propel for school systems. You can request your pilot here.