By Tim Ryan

Lighthouse Labs, one of the state’s leading startup accelerators, has unveiled its Batch 16 companies in an exciting development for Virginia’s innovation landscape. This spring, eight groundbreaking startups are set to embark on an 11-week journey of growth and transformation starting March 4. Among these, a special spotlight shines on InfraSGA, a Norfolk-based innovator and proud victor at Start Peninsula 2023, promising to revolutionize urban green infrastructure.

These companies were selected from a competitive pool of over 250 applicants and exemplify the pinnacle of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. With a commitment to nurturing local talent, six ventures hail from Virginia, each bringing a unique solution, from healthcare to cybersecurity, and even tackling social issues with technological innovation.

InfraSGA stands out with its mission to address the pressing challenges of stormwater management in urban settings. Their flagship product, RAFT, offers a simplified, modular solution for installing urban rain gardens, demonstrating the potential for sustainable urban development that harmonizes with our natural environment. View the entire list of Batch 16 companies here.

Lighthouse Labs’ commitment to these entrepreneurs extends beyond guidance and mentorship; each company receives $20,000 in equity-free funding, connecting them with an extensive network of mentors and local partners. This holistic support system is designed to catapult these startups to the forefront of their industries, strengthening Virginia’s reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

From the biodegradable medical innovations of 3D Orthobiologic Solutions to the empowering mission of KnoNap against drug-facilitated crimes, each startup in Batch 16 is poised to make significant contributions to their fields. Notably, WriteHuman, hailing from Midlothian, VA, offers a unique tool for enhancing AI-generated content, ensuring it resonates more genuinely with audiences.

As Innovate Hampton Roads champions these entrepreneurs, we’re reminded of the vibrant potential that collaboration and support can unlock within our community. The success of Lighthouse Labs’ Batch 16 not only marks a milestone for the accelerator but also signifies a promising leap forward for the entire Hampton Roads region. We stand at the brink of an exciting new era of innovation, ready to embrace the change these visionaries will bring to our world.