By Tim Ryan

In the heart of Norfolk, Virginia, Assembly is a premier coworking space dedicated to fostering the growth of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses. With a mission to empower and elevate the local innovation ecosystem, Assembly has announced an exciting opportunity that beckons the visionaries of Hampton Roads: the 2024-2025 Changemakers in Residence program.

This unique residency program is designed for individuals who are not just dreaming of a better future but are actively crafting it with their innovative projects and impactful missions. Assembly recognizes the transformative power of community and collaboration in driving change. Hence, the program seeks to support those making a demonstrable impact in their fields, offering them a platform to amplify their reach and deepen their influence.

The previous year, the program welcomed seven dynamic individuals who utilized Assembly’s resources to host an impressive array of events and programs. From thought-provoking workshops and networking events to cultural showcases like fashion shows, podcasts, film screenings, and music performances, these changemakers demonstrated the profound impact of bringing diverse voices and ideas together under one roof.

Building on this success, the 2024-2025 iteration of the program introduces an exciting addition: programming stipends. Recognizing the financial hurdles often accompanying event hosting and program development, these stipends aim to support the residents’ creative and innovative endeavors, ensuring their visions can come to life without constraint.

Moreover, the opportunity to collaborate with Assembly on mission-aligned programming across its expansive 50,000-square-foot campus opens doors to unprecedented levels of engagement and innovation. This collaboration is not just about sharing space; it’s about weaving together the Hampton Roads community’s diverse talents, insights, and energies to create something truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Applications for this transformative program are now open, with a deadline of March 18th, marking the beginning of a residency period that promises to be filled with creativity, growth, and impact. This initiative is more than just an opportunity; it’s a call to action for all community changemakers who envision a brighter, more innovative future for Hampton Roads.

For those ready to take their impact to the next level, Assembly offers resources, a community, and a platform to amplify their voice. Let’s come together to celebrate and support the visionaries among us, for they are the ones who pave the way for a more innovative and interconnected world.

To apply or learn more about the Changemakers in Residence program, visit Assembly’s application page. The future is bright, and we can illuminate the path forward together.