By Tim Ryan

A catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship shines brightly in the heart of Hampton Roads, Virginia. The 757 Angels organization stands at the forefront of this luminescent scene, offering a golden opportunity for startups seeking to catapult their growth and for investors aiming to be part of Virginia’s most groundbreaking ventures. With the announcement that the application process for Cycle 2 is now open, the moment has never been more opportune for entrepreneurs and investors alike to engage with the region’s premier platform for high-impact startup investments.

757 Angels has cemented its role as pivotal in nurturing a resilient innovation industry within Hampton Roads and across the Commonwealth of Virginia. By fostering connections between qualified investors and meticulously vetted companies, the organization is not just funding startups but crafting an ecosystem where innovation thrives, and community-first investments lead to substantial economic and societal benefits. The businesses that 757 Angels seeks to support are those deeply embedded in Virginia’s economic landscape—distinguished by their unique, disruptive product teams, large market potential, validated offerings, and readiness for significant, transformative funding.

757 Angels offers a treasure trove of resources for entrepreneurs on the brink of expansion. The organization’s focus spans industries, targeting companies poised for considerable risk-adjusted returns and equipped with a lucid exit strategy. Ideal candidates are raising funding rounds between $500,000 and $5,000,000, boasting strong management teams, defined target customers, substantial market sizes, clear competitive understanding, proven technology, solid sales strategies, identified capital needs, and reasonable financial projections.

On the other hand, investors are invited into a thriving community of regionally-minded individuals, all united in their pursuit of risk-adjusted returns. Membership in 757 Angels opens doors to expertly curated seed-stage deals, investor education, networking opportunities, and the option to invest through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). Recognized as one of the top three angel groups in North America, 757 Angels attracts high-quality, Virginia-focused companies, showcasing the undeniable impact and reach of the organization.

With the application deadline set for April 2nd, the call to action is clear. Entrepreneurs seeking growth and investors looking for meaningful opportunities must take advantage of this moment. For more information and to seize this chance to be part of Hampton Roads’ thriving innovation ecosystem, visit 757 Angels. This is more than an invitation; it’s a gateway to transforming your startup’s future and being at the heart of Virginia’s entrepreneurial evolution.