By Tim Ryan

In an exhilarating development for the Hampton Roads area, Innovate Hampton Roads is pleased to spotlight the launch of two ventures at Selden Market: “Cooking with Greens” and “Studio Kuumba.” This marks a significant milestone in our mission to nurture regional innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cooking with Greens, founded by the visionary duo Derak and Anita Green, is set to revolutionize the culinary landscape with healthier spice blends and kitchen lifestyle products. Their initiative is not just about flavor but fostering a healthier community through engaging cooking demonstrations and educational insights.

On the other hand, Studio Kuumba, spearheaded by the creative force Alora Bess, offers a unique haven for adults to indulge in artistic exploration and self-expression. This studio embodies our belief in the power of creativity to inspire and transform lives, providing an inclusive space for personal growth and artistic development.

These additions to Selden Market underscore our commitment at Innovate Hampton Roads to creating a vibrant ecosystem where entrepreneurs and creatives can thrive. Scheduled to open their doors on April 5, 2024, these incubator storefronts represent the spirit of innovation and community collaboration we champion.

We invite the community to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion. The grand opening promises a glimpse into the future of entrepreneurship in Hampton Roads and a testament to the boundless potential when we come together to support and uplift one another.

Innovate Hampton Roads remains dedicated to fostering such transformative initiatives, believing firmly in its power to enrich our community and drive regional prosperity. Let’s continue to support and celebrate the pioneers who dare to dream and do, shaping a brighter future for Hampton Roads.