By Tim Ryan

In an exciting development for the Hampton Roads innovation ecosystem, 757 Collab has warmly welcomed Dr. Charles S. Corprew as a Senior Venture Partner. This appointment marks a significant milestone for 757 Collab, a venture hub known for its dynamic approach to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the Norfolk area and beyond.

Dr. Corprew, with his profound entrepreneurial experience, strategic vision, and leadership skills, is set to enhance 757 Collab’s collaborative spirit further. His track record of investing in impactful ventures and a solid background in academia and entrepreneurship align perfectly with 757 Collab’s mission of nurturing inclusivity and innovation.

Dr. Corprew expressed his enthusiasm and highlighted the opportunity to contribute to the region’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, support diverse and untapped founders, and collaborate with the brilliant minds at 757 Collab. A native of the 757 area, Dr. Corprew’s journey from a psychology teacher and assistant professor to a respected figure in entrepreneurship and investing, including his role at Camelback Ventures, underscores his dedication to empowering underrepresented founders.

Dr. Corprew’s appointment is not just a win for 757 Collab but a promising development for the entire Hampton Roads region. It signals a bright future filled with innovative achievements and a strengthened entrepreneurial ecosystem. His involvement in “The What’s Your Revolution?” podcast further showcases his commitment to inspiring change and fostering growth across various platforms.

For those interested in learning more about Dr. Corprew’s vision and insights, his recent appearance on episode 200 of the Fervent Four Show offers a deeper dive into his philosophy and goals for 757 Collab and the broader entrepreneurial community. You can catch the episode on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, providing a unique opportunity to hear directly from one of the leading voices in Hampton Roads’ innovation landscape.

You can read and/or download the official press release here.