By Tim Ryan

Assembly announced the arrival of the 2024 Changemakers in Residence, continuing our tradition of nurturing innovation and community development within the Hampton Roads area. The program empowers individuals and organizations to actively shape the local culture through inventive and socially impactful projects. After a successful inaugural year, they selected seven new changemakers and welcomed five pioneers from the first cohort.

Their comprehensive campus offers these changemakers access to various workspaces and shared amenities, enhancing their ability to collaborate and create. Including our event space for mission-aligned events will allow them to connect with the community and showcase their transformative projects.

Introducing the 2024 Changemakers:

– Brenten Sims – Black Boy Joy Fest: A festival that celebrates the joy, resilience, and diversity of the African American male experience through art, music, and community dialogue.

– Guillermo Fisher – 757ColorCoded: Aiming to break barriers in tech for people of color by providing networking opportunities, workshops, and mentorship programs.

– Jamar Davis – JAM Entertainment: Focuses on promoting local artists and performers through high-energy events that highlight the vibrant culture of Hampton Roads.

– Keena Carson – Creatives for Virginia: This initiative supports Virginia’s artists by fostering collaborations that use art to drive social and economic outcomes.

– Lindsey Anderson – Vision Driven 757: Empowers entrepreneurs with strategic resources and support to enhance their business capabilities and reach.

– Lionel Sapp – The Digital Builders 757: Integrates technology and community building to support digital infrastructure projects across the region.

– Marckel ‘KELO’ Bonds – Coffee Black: Merges coffee culture with social entrepreneurship to celebrate community heritage and innovation.

– Nadd Harvin – GirlyPopHQ: Enhances the visibility and impact of female creators through collaborative projects and events.

– Dr. Sheetal Ajmani – Radiant Living Institute: Offers holistic wellness programs that focus on enhancing the overall health and well-being of the community.

– Tenishea ‘Teezy’ Thomas – SoDopeStudios: Innovates in digital media production to promote local talent and create influential community narratives.

– Theo ‘Intalek’ Jamison – Aspire to Inspire Music Group: Develops music and arts initiatives that mentor young artists and promote positivity through creative expression.

– Tremaine Etheridge – PHOND: Uses photography and technology to document and celebrate the unique stories and achievements within Hampton Roads.

Assembly is proud to support these visionary leaders and innovators as they work to create meaningful change and drive community engagement. We believe their diverse projects will significantly contribute to the region’s cultural and economic prosperity.

Celebrate and Connect:

We invite the community to learn more about the Changemakers in Residence and explore opportunities for collaboration. Their ambitious projects are developing the local ecosystem and strengthening the bonds within Hampton Roads through creativity and innovation.

Join us in welcoming these incredible talents to our community. Your support and engagement will help propel their initiatives to new heights and further establish Hampton Roads as a beacon of community-driven innovation.

Discover More:

Visit Assembly’s website to engage with the assembly and its community. Together, we can create a thriving, interconnected community.