By Tim Ryan

Zack Miller, a renowned entrepreneur, journalist, and author, is back with his latest book, What are you Watching on Netflix? The Prescription for Smart Networking to Build Lasting Connections. Building on the success of his first book, Anomaly, Miller is once again transforming the networking landscape by challenging the superficial small talk that often plagues professional events. This new book promises to revolutionize how we build lasting connections in a world where first impressions matter more than ever.

Drawing from the latest insights in psychology, sociology, and marketing, What are you Watching on Netflix? goes beyond surface-level conversations. It offers readers a comprehensive guide to mastering meaningful interactions through strategic questioning and active listening. The book’s signature icebreaker question, “What are you watching on Netflix?” (WAYWON), is more than a conversation starter—it’s a bridge to discovering shared interests, forging authentic connections, and creating lasting impressions.

“At networking events, we’re often stuck in a cycle of mundane questions that fail to make a lasting impact,” says Miller. “But what if we could break through the small talk barrier and truly connect with others on a deeper level?”
Miller provides a roadmap for navigating crowded networking events, and chance encounters at coffee shops, equipping readers with practical tools and techniques to cultivate a lifelong network. Through real-world examples and actionable insights, this book empowers readers to revolutionize their networking approach by shifting the focus from superficial to meaningful conversations.
“WAYWON isn’t just about discussing TV shows; it’s about demonstrating genuine interest and curiosity,” explains Miller. “It’s a gateway to discovering shared interests, building trust, and forming meaningful relationships.” Miller’s holistic approach delves into the science behind forming lasting impressions and the art of smart networking that makes people want to engage.
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