By Tim Ryan

At Innovate Hampton Roads, we recognize innovation around the region. Today we turn to REaKTOR for its remarkable contribution to our region’s innovation landscape. Recently, REaKTOR welcomed Mike Doyle from Goldin Ventures, who traveled from New Jersey to engage directly with REaKTOR’s founders. This visit underscores the growing acknowledgment of Hampton Roads as a significant player in the tech and entrepreneurial sectors.

Doyle’s decision to make this trip to meet the founders at REaKTOR is a testament to the quality and promise of the ventures being developed within our community. During his visit, Doyle interacted with six passionate and innovative founders. These individuals presented their ventures, covering various technological advancements and solutions, all characterized by a genuine commitment to meaningful and substantial work.

In his reflections on the visit, Doyle shared, “The teams in Hampton were earnest, felt like they were investing in something meaningful and substantial. There was no arrogance or entitlement. You could feel their substance. It helps restore your faith in humanity.” His words resonate deeply with our mission at Innovate Hampton Roads: to foster a community where innovation is driven by sincerity, collaboration, and impactful results.

REaKTOR’s role in facilitating such interactions is vital. By providing a platform where entrepreneurs can connect with experienced investors like Doyle, REaKTOR is accelerating the growth of individual ventures and enhancing the overall innovation ecosystem in Hampton Roads. This nurturing environment is crucial for turning groundbreaking ideas into reality, and REaKTOR is at the forefront of this transformative process.

The success of this visit highlights the importance of personalized connections and genuine engagement in the entrepreneurial journey. These meaningful interactions propel our region forward, ensuring that our local innovators receive the support, guidance, and opportunities they need to thrive.

At Innovate Hampton Roads, we are proud of our region’s accomplishments and positive impact on our community. This visit from Goldin Ventures is just one example of how our region is attracting attention and investment from influential tech figures. It is an encouraging sign of the bright future for Hampton Roads’ tech and entrepreneurial sectors.

We look forward to continuing our support for REaKTOR and our community’s innovative minds. We are building a robust, inclusive, and dynamic environment where technology and entrepreneurship can flourish. Here’s to more milestones and the continued success of our local innovators!

In summary, REaKTOR’s recent interaction with Mike Doyle from Goldin Ventures is a proud moment for all of us at Innovate Hampton Roads. It exemplifies our commitment to fostering a culture of genuine innovation that is recognized and respected far beyond our region. We celebrate this achievement and eagerly anticipate our innovation community’s continued growth and success.