By Tim Ryan

The Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) is excited to announce a new opportunity for local businesses as the entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive in the Hampton Roads area. Marion Long, a dedicated member of EO, has shared that the highly successful “EO Accelerator” program will soon be accepting applications for grants. This initiative, which has already transformed numerous startups into thriving enterprises with revenues exceeding $1 million annually, is poised to propel even more businesses to new heights.

Since its inception eight years ago, the EO Accelerator program has been a cornerstone in the local business community, providing invaluable resources through a robust curriculum, peer-to-peer learning, and access to seasoned experts. This program is designed to support small businesses in the crucial stages of growth and scaling, offering them the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve sustainable success.

Beginning July 1, 2024, EO will open applications for grants specifically aimed at small businesses grossing over $250,000 in annual revenue. These grants are intended to support businesses ready to scale and are eager to leverage the comprehensive support provided by the EO Accelerator program. Interested businesses can find more information and apply via the following link: EO Accelerator Home.

In addition to this exciting announcement, Marion Long has expressed interest in collaborating with Startwheel, a prominent player in the Hampton Roads entrepreneurial ecosystem. This potential partnership aims to augment the resources and support that Startwheel already provides to the community. By working together, EO and Startwheel can create a more cohesive and robust environment for entrepreneurs, ensuring they have access to the best possible opportunities for growth and success.

Marion Long is eager to discuss how this collaboration can take shape and is looking forward to engaging with current and past participants of Startwheel to share this exciting news. The synergy between EO’s proven Accelerator program and Startwheel’s extensive network and resources could lead to unprecedented growth and innovation within the local business community.

For businesses ready to take the next step in their journey, the EO Accelerator program offers an unparalleled opportunity. With the application period opening soon, now is the time for ambitious entrepreneurs to prepare and seize this chance to scale their businesses. The future of Hampton Roads’ entrepreneurial landscape is bright, and with initiatives like the EO Accelerator program, the potential for growth is limitless.