Attracting, Retaining and Reskilling Talent

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‘Attract, Develop, and Retain Quality Employees’ is the mantra of successful CEOs and HR people across the US. Small business often has difficulty in each step of this process. This webinar will help you design an effective hiring process that is easy to use and results in better applicants and smarter selection tactics. Whether your area is dealing with low unemployment or you have not been able to find the right skills, it offers tips and tactics to succeed.
We will cover ways to enhance your current employees’ knowledge and skills as well as to offer re-skilling to address new needs. Retention is a product of hiring the right people up front, then providing them with the coaching and development to succeed and grow. We will cover all of this plus some basic information for those considering allowing remote or hybrid work options. Along with other resources, a link to free “The Small Employers Guide to Effective Hiring” will be included.

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