BYBW: Set Your Business Up For Success in 2022

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Learn how to use data from 2021 to make your business even more successful in 2022!

2022 is almost here! And if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably wondering how you can use information from the coming year to make your business more successful.

Sales and operations data is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs. By analyzing this information from 2021, you can make strategic decisions to help your business be even MORE successful in 2022!

During this discussion, Jeanne Francis will be diving into the following topics:

• The most important thing(s) we should be doing with your business at the end of the year

• What is a SWOT analysis?

• Use info from your analysis to level your business up in 2022

About the Speaker:

Jeanne has been building and optimizing companies large and small from the inside out for 25 years, from the wild west of internet tech in the ’90s to pitching in boardrooms at IBM to Business Development Entrepreneur. Her career is defined by the successful navigation for herself and her clients of mass layoffs, global economic shifts, world-changing technology, and now a global pandemic, through strategic business development.

As a business architect, she’s on a mission to use what she knows to help you close the gaps between your strategy and your results with the right people, processes, and tech. She blends proven business principles used by billion-dollar corporations with the agility of today’s most powerful online strategies to help entrepreneurs like you achieve business breakthroughs with ease and simplicity.

About the NSU Innovation Center:

The mission of the NSU Innovation Center is to serve as a liaison between Norfolk State University and our surrounding community. The Center’s main goal is to advance entrepreneurship for both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs by providing resources that support sustainable, scalable businesses.

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