HR BizWheel Quarterly Business Expo – Newport News Shipbuilding

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HR BizWheel Quarterly is a new business expo event series brought by the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative and StartWheel.

HR BizWheel Quarterly is an event series celebrating business success in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The series alternates locations between the Peninsula and Southside of the region, and moves from city to city, demonstrating the reach of the regional business ecosystem.

Held from 5-7pm, these events showcase successful businesses in the region, while providing valuable networking and connection opportunity to attendees.

Food and beverages (including adult) will be provided.

A modest $5 fee is charged to protect us from no-shows after our investment in food and drinks.

This March 2, 2023 event will showcase the contributions of Newport News Shipbuilding as a primary regional employer and contributor to the regional economy and held at the wonderful Mariners’ Museum and Park.

To see examples of past events, go to:

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