“JavaScript Superstars” Boot Camp!

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Are you tired of traditional coding boot camps that leave you feeling lost in the coding wilderness?

Join an experimental four-week boot camp and transform from a coding novice to an intermediate JavaScript superstar in just 28 days.

The Problem
Many boot camps rush through concepts, leaving learners struggling to keep up.

The Solution
“JavaScript Superstars” makes sure everyone crosses the finish line together.

January 11th through February 1st, every Thursday, from 1 PM to 2 PM, our Zoom study group dives deep into core concepts.

The remaining week is power-packed with hands-on learning in our dynamic Discord community.

What’s Unique?
Our secret weapon? The community! Expect active coaching and collaboration among our superstar members. Everyone masters each topic before progressing. This is the boot camp where support isn’t an option – it’s a superpower!

What We Expect
Commitment of 1 hour per week. Understanding. Collaboration. Between sessions, members coach each other. Code Warriors Journey Together.

What You Walk Away With
Confidence. Skills. A supportive coding family.

Join “JavaScript Superstars” and help us conquer the coding universe – together!

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