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Make your family’s dream a reality…enroll you and your child in the DreamBuilder “Legacy in Training” entrepreneurial program!

Whatever your great business idea or the idea of your youngster, the DreamBuilder program helps you with what you’ll need to know to get your ideas off the ground and into the world. The added bonus of the Legacy and Training portion of the program also provides our youth with an entrepreneurial foundation of strong business skills and economic knowledge for their future.

The instructor-led innovative 6-week course explores all areas of business ownership through a carefully crafted and engaging curriculum, by introducing the basics of entrepreneurship to parent/child teams through engaging activities.

Topics include:

Exploring Your Dream, Planning Your Dream, Creating and Innovating Your Dream, Marketing Your Dream, Pricing and Selling Your Dream, Managing, Profiting, Funding and Keeping Tracking of Your Dream, Turning Your Dream into Reality and so much more.

Inaugural class size is limited to 3 Parent/Child teams (6 people total). To learn more email inquiries to wbcinfo@odu.edu, add “Legacy in Training” in the subject line.

Event KickOff/Orientation 10/21/2021 Participants must be residents of Virginia

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