NIC Unfiltered: A Caffeinated Collaboration Series

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Join like-minded entrepreneurs for coffee and conversation with Chris Ruddick, Co-Founder of Splice, at Assembly.

Come grab a complimentary coffee and listen to Chris Ruddick, Co-Founder of Splice, converse about building a business, raising and receiving capital, finding and signing customers and driving a culture of entrepreneurship.

About Chris: Chris is a visionary technology executive with a pragmatic style, he leans heavily on his software background, with expert knowledge of transportation, supply chain, and logistics technology (SaaS, IoT, Sensors, ELD, WMS, TMS, API, ERP and CRM). The foundation of Chris’s management success centers on integrity, loyalty, persistence, and problem-solving, infused with his own sense of entrepreneurship, agility, and innovation.

Chris is most proud of his ability to identify new technologies and apply them to solve real problems for customers in order make a substantive business impact. He thrives on executive-level technology challenges requiring companies to revolutionize how they do business in order to make the most of their team, their technology investment, and achieve the organization’s mission.

About NIC: The Norfolk Innovation Corridor is a thriving technology zone founded for the purpose of encouraging growth in entrepreneurship and innovation, attracting new technology start-ups, retaining a talented workforce, developing a dense community of innovators and providing 21st century career opportunities for residents of Norfolk and our region.

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