ODU Presents: Be Your Own Boss with Sia Alexander

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BYOB is focused on providing insights and expertise from entrepreneurs who have chosen to Be Their Own Boss. These events will highlight the entrepreneurs and innovators who decided to start their own business ventures. These events will provide an interesting discussion about the journey to success and how to overcome the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur.
Sia Alexander attended Stanford University and Howard University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Human Psychology. After working in her field as a therapist in San Francisco, California, Sia decided to pursue a career in Fashion. While working as a Ford model in NYC, Paris, and Capetown, she kept her mind and body sharp by studying spirituality, holistic health, nutrition and natural beauty maintenance on her off-time. This lead to the research and development of an all-natural and homemade skin and body care line using indigenous African age-old herbs and plants. From the success of her products, Sia was inspired to develop her own company, ​SiaNatural Body Care​, to aid others in living a more holistic and healthy life. ​SiaNatural​ includes skin care products, a natural fashion line, books and holistic healing consultations. Today Sia writes a blog which chronicles her journey of healing and service as she travels around the world ~ ​heallovenow.com​ and promotes her book, ​I AM: You Power This Life​, a spiritual guide to empowering one’s life. She also co-curates Pure Lagos African Art Gallery which offers a healing sanctuary to the local community at 4 locations in downtown Norfolk, VA. Healing others through beauty, writing and art is a dream come true for Sia, as it allows her to share her passion for holistic health, creativity and spirituality with countless individuals around the globe, thus contributing to the healing and uplifting of humanity. Sia is a PhD candidate in the field of Depth Psychology.
More about Pure Lagos:
African Art Gallery and artisanal boutique. Provides original art, fashion, and artifacts from countries across Africa. Healing sanctuary for the community whereby mind, body and soul renewal occur through interfacing with original African art, music, culture, and vibes. Sia sets an amazing example on how to run a business with passion, creativity, and integrity.
The idea came from Sia wanting to bring to her hometown of Norfolk a window into the beauty and creativity she experienced whilst living and working in Africa.
Sia put her talents into healing African youth through creative artistic expression and curating/directing a community health and art center in Lagos. She eventually returned home to Hampton Roads and brought her passion for African art and its capacity to heal into the retail business concept.

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