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Resources and Best Practices from NASA Federal Partners and Trade Associations

As NASA continues to innovate in the space exploration, scientific, and research industries, small businesses will be critical to its success. Small business owners know the ins and outs of their company like the back of their hand. Some who are just starting a business, might feel totally lost. Knowing where to turn for advice in moving your business forward is vitally important to its success.

The good news is that the OSBP Learning Series: Resources & Best Practices from NASA Partners webinar will highlight some of the small business associations that can provide attendees with the answers, advice, and tools needed to grow their business and become the best small business owner you can be.

Log-in information for this online class will be sent after individuals register, and reminders will be sent the day before and the day of the webinar.

**Webinar speaker and topic are subject to change**

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