#89: How Standup Can Improve Your Startup Game

#88: Building a Healthy Work Environment

#87: Finding Your Customers

Ethan Halfhide, Founder at CustomerDiscovery.co, joins the show to discuss his entrepreneurial journey & the power of curiosity, his new startup, CustomerDiscovery.co, and THE key to product/market fit.

#86: The Future of the Corporate Card

Adam Alphin, CEO at KleerCard, joins the show to discuss his new fintech startup, KleerCard, lessons he has learned working in the startup world, and the importance of engaging/digesting long form conversations.

#85: Love and Marriage

Rev Cory Newell, Chaplain & Founder at Rev. Cory Newell and Associates, joins the show to discuss his what it’s like to be a professional wedding officiant, the entrepreneurial ministry business model, and the importance of storytelling in business & networking.

#84: A Photo Studio For Your Pets

Erin Bonilla, Founder at Bonilla Pet Studio, joins the show to discuss her business: a photo studio for pets, lessons learned from scaling & expanding a business, and the importance of focusing on the positive as an entrepreneur.

#83: Happiness at Work and Home

#82: Standing Out in Business

#81: An Investor’s POV on Raising $$$

Bay McLaughlin, Co-Founder at Brinc, joins the show to discuss his journey to becoming a venture capitalist, keys to building an innovative startup community, and his advice for Founders that are raising money.

#80: Mental Health and Wellness in the 757

Dr. Cynthia Romero, Director of the Brock Institute, joins the show to discuss the pandemic’s impact on mental health, advice for how entrepreneurs can manage their mental health and wellness, and the role businesses play in supporting the mental health of their employees & surrounding communities.

#79: Protecting Yourself from Unknown Dangers

Dennis Woodbury, CEO & Founder at eZverifi, joins the show to discuss all things eZverifi, his Start Peninsula experience, and the long-term vision for his startup.

#78: Understanding the Franchise Business Model

#77: How One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Startup

#76: Active Duty Coast Guard and Entrepreneurship

Jorge “JC” Colonnieves, Founder at JCFitsme, joins the show to discuss the “Aha!” moment that led him to start his business, operating a business while being active duty, and how to improve your fitness startup’s brand.

#75: Shopping for the Perfect Patent for Your Business

Jesse Midgett, from the NASA Technology Transfer Program, joins the show to discuss a few of the ~430 NASA patents available for licensing, the future of commercial space travel, and his thoughts on the local startup community.

#74: Gaining a New Perspective on Entrepreneurship

Nate Marcus, Founder & CEO at OccasionGenius, joins the show to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, pivoting his business in the wake of COVID-19, and how he has successfully raised over $6M+ in funding.

#73: Building and Managing a Team

Erica McMannes, co-founder & COO at Instant Teams, joins the show to discuss the 6x growth of Instant Teams in the last 18 months, fundraising strategies, and what skills are needed most in today’s job market.

#72: The Importance of Being Well-Rounded in Business

Brandon Johnson, Owner of Vintner’s Cellar Winery of Yorktown, joins the show to discuss why he purchased the Vintner’s Cellar Winery, things to consider when acquiring a business, and the importance of optimism in entrepreneurship.

#71: The Ins and Outs of the Trucking Industry

George Berry, Founder at Pioneer Transport, Inc., joins the show to discuss the ins and outs of the trucking industry, grants + funding opportunities for businesses in Hampton Roads, and why NOW is the time to invest in the trucking industry.

#70: The Importance of Finding Your Niche

Micah Miller, Managing Member and Founder at Easton Outdoors, joins the show to discuss all things Easton Outdoors, the importance of creating a strong web presence and his proven 5-step sales process.

#69: Using Science to Make Creative Business Decisions

Dave Rosen, Co-founder and CEO of Secret Chord Laboratories, Inc., joins the show to discuss his journey from PhD to Founder, Secret Chord Laboratories, and the upcoming closed beta product release of Dopr – a software designed to help artists better forecast song performance.

#68: Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business

Eric Thomas, Co-founder & President at Rival Digital, joins the show to discuss his experiences running a podcast, all things Rival Digital, and some challenges he has faced an entrepreneur.

#67: Accelerating and Validating Your Business

Josh Green, Director at the Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program, joins the show to discuss customer discovery, quantifying success, and the ICAP experience.

#66: The importance communication has on your business

Danny Rubin, Founder & President at Rubin, joins the show to discuss the most over looked and under-taught skill: email etiquette, pivoting his business from a client services model to a SaaS platform, and the importance of understanding customer feedback.

#65: Growing Your Startup

Craig Zingerline, Founder & CEO at Growth University, joins the show to discuss key metrics for startups & how to improve them, the mission of Growth University, and the importance of experimentation & customer feedback loops for early-stage startups.

#64: Growing the 757 Startup Community

Hunter Walsh, Program Manager at 757 Startup Studios, joins the show to discuss to discuss why 757 Startup Studios is unique to Hampton Roads, the current state of the local startup community, and how Hunter’s experience in the local business community has helped bring a new perspective to the region’s entrepreneurial activities.

#63: Mastering Your Performances and Networking in 2K21

Gavin Andersen, a consultant at Arcphor, joins the show to discuss his perspective of the startup community as a recent college graduate, the importance of entrepreneurial thinking, and Tim’s proven process for successfully onboarding new employees.

#62: Pushing Change in the Car Industry

Nick Kondoori, Founder & CEO at KarHappy, joins the show to discuss the ins and outs of his new business venture, KarHappy, as well as his goals are as an entrepreneur and business owner.

#61: Going the Extra Mile for you Clients

Kenya Williams, Owner at iShine For You Auto Detailing, joins the show to discuss why he chose to pursue entrepreneurship, how to market your business when you are new to an area/market, and some lessons he learned about business from being a successful basketball coach & player.

#60: The Challenge of Building a Startup

Scott Janney, Founder at Magazine Jukebox, joins the show to discuss his new startup, Magazine Jukebox, how to land meetings with Fortune 100 companies as a pre-revenue company, and the importance of being charismatic & visionary as a Founder.

#59: Entrepreneurship in the 757

Marla Schuchman, Founder of Made in 757, joins the show to discuss her experiences working with startups globally, the importance of reinvesting back into your community, and why entrepreneurs should embrace failure.

#58: Disrupting the World of Robotics

A.K. Shultz, Co-founder and CEO at SVT Robotics, joins the show to discuss disruption within the robotics industry, the funding journey for a startup, and how to improve your decision making as a Founder.

#57: Bringing Your Business Mobile with Pocket Properties

Chris Rumper and Stanley Glover, Co-founders of Pocket Properties App, join the show to talk about the emerging fractional real estate investing market, lessons learned from running a startup, and how to seize a rapidly growing market opportunity.

#56: How to Grow Your Business Using Local Resources

Tage Counts, Vice President of Membership at The Hampton Roads Chamber, joins the show to discuss the local resources available to help your business, the importance of collaboration among local chambers, and when is the right time for a business to join The Hampton Roads Chamber.

#55: How to stay relevant and keep growing year after year

Marshall Rabil, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hubbard Peanut Company (Hubs), joins the show to discuss the Hubbard Peanut Company, life working in a family business, and how to approach running a seasonal business.

#54: Helping businesses stay efficient, sustainable and empowered

Maya Holihan, Founder and CEO of EWedded, joins the show to discuss her new business venture (EWedded), lessons learned from “failing” during the entrepreneurial journey, and navigating the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a Female Founder.

#53: Using Obstacles to Your Advantage

Jennifer Strout, CEO and President of MotivateU, joins the show to discuss the community based fitness marketplace, the power of asking questions, and importance of knowing your WHY as an entrepreneur.

#52: Creating a Re-Opening Plan

52 weeks ago Tim Ryan and Zack Miller pressed record. 1-year later The Fervent Four Show is full steam ahead. This week, hear hosts Tim Ryan and Zack Miller reflect on The Fervent Four (52 episodes later) and discuss the future of entrepreneurship in a post-COVID world.

#51: Creating an Entrepreneurial Community

Aaz Mickens-Dessaso, of 757Startups and Techstars, joins the show to discuss what has surprised her most about #the757 enterprenuerial community, the importance of creating an inclusive startup culture, and the recent Techstars extensive report on the Hampton Roads entrepreneurial ecosystem.

#50: The Re-Opening of the Food Industry

Chef Chris Hill (chef, restaurant owner, author and public speaker) joins the show to discuss the current state of the food industry, best ways to spend COVID grant money, and the future of the food industry post COVID.

#49: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Process

Joe Weaver, Founder of Ario, joins the show to discuss operating a high tech company in a non traditional market, placing first at the Verizon “Built on 5G” Challenge, and the current state and future of augmented reality.

#48: Marketing during the Super Bowl

Cassidy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer of Cooper Hurley, joins the show to discuss running a Super Bowl commercial, how to market an under the radar brand, and the most effective marketing methods.

#47: Using Every Obstacle as an Opportunity

Alexis Perkins, Founder of Chair One Fitness, joins the show to discuss advice for entrepreneurs who are afraid to pitch their business, finding the motivation to make your dreams a reality, and the importance of pivoting your business when the marketplace changes.

#45: Growing Your Business Through Knowledge

#42: Opening a new business now?

Chanice Rawlison, Founder of 13b Bakery and Bistro, discusses starting a business during Covid-19, pitch competitions, and overcoming down moments as an entrepreneur.

#41: Turning an Epiphany into a Business

Kathy Reagan Young turned her MS diagnosis into a full blown community, business opportunity, and podcast.

#40: Expanding Your Business

#39: Hello 2k21

Tim and Zack kick of 2021 by discussing the 2020 recap, what you learn about yourself in a marathon, and the power of context in today’s world