By Tim Ryan

The Landscape of Opportunity
In an age of technological transformation, regions across the United States are racing to be the next hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovate Hampton Roads, a 501(c)(3) organization, is steering this narrative in Virginia’s Hampton Roads community. We’re not just about technology; we aim to foster an ecosystem that drives innovation, inspires entrepreneurship, and advances educational initiatives.

An Extended Impact: REaKTOR in the City of Hampton
The Associate Director’s role also extends to our REaKTOR initiative in the City of Hampton. Here, you will directly engage with early-stage, high-tech companies, aiding in business validation, capital-raising preparations, and ultimately watching them succeed. It’s a real-world opportunity to be a part of something transformative, making a tangible difference in the community and the tech industry.

Why This Role Matters 
This is more than an administrative role; it’s about strategy, leadership, and having a direct impact on the innovation and entrepreneurial landscape of the region. The Associate Director will work closely with the Executive Director to outline the strategic vision for both Innovate Hampton Roads and REaKTOR.

A Role Designed for Impact
Your work will lay the foundation for Hampton Roads—and the City of Hampton through REaKTOR—to emerge as hubs for technology and innovation. From operational management to community engagement and partnership development, your scope of influence will be broad and impactful.

Key Responsibilities: Where Action Meets Vision
– Draft a roadmap to position Hampton Roads as a beacon in technology, innovation, and education.
– Manage daily operations, ensuring seamless execution of programs.
– Engage with stakeholders like startups, investors, and academic institutions, shaping the future of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What We’re Looking For
This role demands a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Technology, Education, or a related field and proven experience in a leadership role within a tech-focused organization. Excellent communication skills, strategic planning experience, and multitasking abilities are essential.

How to Join Our Mission
If you’re ready to make a groundbreaking impact at the intersection of technology and community betterment, apply now. Send your resume here.

Innovate Hampton Roads is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and this position will remain open until filled. This is your chance to shape the future of Hampton Roads and the City of Hampton through REaKTOR—don’t miss it!

You can view the job opening here.