By Tim Ryan

Good news, Norfolk business community! Norfolk’s Department of Economic Development has unveiled the second round of their Facade Improvement Grant. This initiative is designed to breathe new life into our urban commercial hotspots in partnership with the local business community. This is not just about revitalizing buildings; it’s about uplifting entire neighborhoods, underpinning the very essence of innovation and entrepreneurship in our region.

Small businesses and commercial property owners in Norfolk are in for a treat! This grant offers your establishments a fresh coat of paint, chic signage, enhanced lighting, and other aesthetic improvements that resonate with Norfolk’s distinctive charm.

Key Dates to Remember:
🎉 Grant Opening: October 16th, 2023, 8:00am
🎉 Grant Closure: November 17th, 11:59pm

If you’re curious about the details or looking for guidance, the department is generously hosting a series of workshops over the next couple of weeks at various community centers. These workshops are more than just informative sessions; they are networking goldmines where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs and perhaps even future collaborators!

For those eager beavers ready to dive right in, here’s the link packed with all the information you need: from workshops to eligibility criteria and, of course, the application portal. Here’s a pdf that also provides additional details.

This grant exemplifies the spirit of innovation that courses through the veins of our Hampton Roads community. So, whether you’re a longstanding business owner or a budding entrepreneur with a vision, this is your moment. Take that leap, apply for the grant, and be a part of the inspiring narrative of growth and innovation in our beloved region.