By Tim Ryan

The Downtown Norfolk Council (DNC) is making waves with strategic staffing changes to enhance the region’s economic landscape. Careyann Weinberg, formerly the Selden Market Director, has been promoted to Director of Economic Vitality. Meanwhile, Sarah Spence Ting joins the team as the new Selden Market Manager. These changes mark a significant step in DNC’s commitment to fostering a vibrant community in Downtown Norfolk.

Careyann Weinberg: A Visionary for Economic Vitality

Careyann Weinberg’s promotion to Director of Economic Vitality is a testament to her impactful leadership at Selden Market. Since 2017, she has overseen the market’s renovations and strategic development, maintaining a remarkable 90% average occupancy rate. Under her guidance, Selden Market has garnered numerous accolades, including the prestigious 2018 International Downtown Association Pinnacle Award for Economic and Business Development.

Careyann will spearhead programs and initiatives that sustain and grow Downtown Norfolk’s economy in her new role.

Her responsibilities will include overseeing the implementation, monitoring, and tracking of DNC’s economic development strategies. Careyann will also remain engaged with Selden Market, focusing on new business recruitment and mentoring, and will conduct community outreach to support all street-level businesses. Her collaboration with DNC partners will drive Downtown Norfolk’s business recruitment efforts.

Welcoming Sarah Spence Ting: A Dynamic Leader for Selden Market

Sarah Spence Ting, the new Selden Market Manager, brings a wealth of experience in business operations, event promotion, and customer service. Her extensive background in managing facilities and coordinating events makes her an excellent fit for the role. As the Selden Market Manager, Sarah will oversee day-to-day operations, manage tenant communication, and coordinate the market calendar. Through her leadership, she will implement marketing strategies and promotions to drive foot traffic and elevate the market’s visibility within the community.

A New Chapter for Selden Market

Selden Market is embarking on an exciting new chapter with planned renovations and expansion in 2024. These enhancements will improve facilities and create opportunities for vendors and visitors. Careyann and Sarah’s expanded roles will be pivotal in ensuring that DNC’s and Selden Market’s goals are met with excellence and innovation.

Mary Miller, President & CEO of the Downtown Norfolk Council, expressed her enthusiasm for the staffing changes: “We are thrilled to announce these staffing changes at such a pivotal time for Selden Market and Downtown Norfolk. Careyann Weinberg has been essential in the success of Selden Market, and we are excited to see her bring her talents to the broader economic vitality of our city. We also welcome Sarah Spence Ting, whose experience and enthusiasm will undoubtedly lead Selden Market to new heights. As we enter renovations for Selden Market, we are more committed than ever to fostering a vibrant and thriving community.”

The Downtown Norfolk Council, a private, not-for-profit membership organization, is dedicated to creating a dynamic, attractive, and prosperous Downtown. DNC manages the Downtown Norfolk Improvement District, a 50-block area with enhanced services that keep Downtown friendly, safe, and spotless. Connect with Downtown Norfolk on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or visit

Selden Market, an award-winning retail incubator from DNC, offers a unique opportunity for business owners to test ideas with low rent and low-risk options. It features a diverse mix of high-quality small businesses, many women- and minority-owned. Stay updated on Selden events and announcements through their Instagram.

A copy of the press release can be downloaded here.