By Tim Ryan

Rubin Education equips students with essential communication and professional skills vital for workplace success. Their Emerge program offers a user-friendly, engaging curriculum that focuses on practical skills such as email etiquette, resume writing, and interview preparation. These skills are crucial for students entering the workforce, ensuring they stand out in job markets and excel in professional environments.

Rubin’s platform is designed to be accessible and impactful, making it a valuable resource for educators and students alike. This year, students from major cities like Las Vegas and Philadelphia have actively engaged with the curriculum, demonstrating a commitment to their future success. The significant increase in logged minutes indicates a growing recognition of the program’s value in fostering career readiness.

Looking Forward

Rubin Emerge’s impressive achievement sets the stage for even greater success in the coming years. As more students and educators recognize the importance of workplace readiness skills, Rubin Education is poised to continue its mission of preparing the next generation for professional excellence.

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