Working with the STARTWHEEL Team has been an excellent experience and one that provides for expanded collaboration and new idea generation. The STARTWHEEL web portal was already a successful platform which translated to less effort and cost needed to take the project to the desired HR BIZWHEEL level. The end result will be a tremendous new and re-defined asset for the region’s economic interests.

Dan Bell, Chairman of HRIC

The partnership between STARTWHEEL and HRIC is a natural fit. Many of the startups within our various ecosystems are looking for connections to the more established businesses in our region. HR BIZWHEEL is the platform to make those connections a reality.

Tim Ryan, Executive Director of STARTWHEEL

HRIC and StartWheel have collaborated to create HR BIZWHEEL, an umbrella of programs leveraging an expanded StartWheel web technology platform.

The concept is that Hampton Roads should have one collaborative, regional business ecosystem portal so that we can be seen by the world as a single region with tons of resources and capabilities.  If we can get a maximum number of regional groups all linked, and supporting this resource, over time, our regional presence and reputation for business may increase and move the needle with greater business retention, attraction and growth (start-ups as well as established small-to-medium sized business).

Promoting Hampton Roads

At (an overlay to we have expanded features and functions with more database company listings and soon-to-be added features listed below.

What’s in it for business?
There is finally a centralized business ecosystem effort intended to help the whole, not just parts.

What’s in it for the region? 
We take a step closer to being found and competitive on a world stage.  A one-stop-shop to view our regional business ecosystem, but which branches out to all regional entities.

We have an expanded Business Directory, eventually to include 10,000 or more regional businesses including minority-owned and other categorizations by type, along with an access path to Federal and other business opportunities.  We even have a Job Search feature. 

What’s in it for business?

What’s in it for region?
Displaying our collective business strength!

As businesses choose to report, we will have the ability to aggregate, reporting by city and by overall regional growth.  Business starts/stops/employees/revenues.

What’s in it for business?
If we learn more, we can apply what we learn to improve our business environment support.

What’s in it for the region?
We’ll have a better understanding of the business environment with the ability to ask questions about “Why”. 

For those businesses that opt-in, we will help to showcase, market, and promote short commercials about their business to region, state, country, and world.

What’s in it for business?
Exposure and demonstration toward business development!

What’s in it for the region?
If business grows, the region grows!

It is our intention to promote outward to the region and beyond.  We want everyone to know about Hampton Roads, even around the world.  Watch for print and social media campaigns. 

What’s in it for business?

What’s in it for the region?
Letting the world know who Hampton Roads is, and the potential for resulting growth!

This is a quarterly event series alternating between the Peninsula and Southside.  Each event will showcase and celebrate business success, while offering important networking activity.

What’s in it for business? 
Making new contacts and sharing their message!

What’s in it for the region?
Learning more about what our own business ecosystem is doing!

Business feedback is gathered throughout the region.  HR BIZWHEEL will have the ability to capture feedback on-line for channeling to the appropriate regional entities for awareness and potential action.  Note that this feedback would also include how we can make HR BIZWHEEL a better ecosystem portal for our region.

What’s in it for business?
Make it work for them!

What’s in it for the region?
We learn and improve our efforts based on business feedback!

Tom Walker, CEO Drone Up!

HR BizWheel News

The HR BizWheel Quarterly Expo for Q4 2022 featured Hampton Road’s high-flying unicorn Drone Up!   A sold out (twice!) gathering heard from CEO Tom Walker as he discussed Drone Up!  technology, where they are today,  and what the future holds for “last mile” delivery

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Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative  (HRIC) Tech Tuesday for 11-28-2022

Join HRIC Chairman Dan Bell and StartWheel Executive Director Tim Ryan as they introduce the new Hampton Roads regional HR BizWheel joint effort for promoting business and the Hampton Roads region.

Watch Tech Tuesday from 11-28-2022

Fervent Four Show Episode 135

This week, hosts Tim Ryan, and Zack Miller sit down with Dan Bell, President and Chairman of The Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative, one of ten technology councils in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Watch this week’s episode to hear about how Dan’s experience from working for Apple and Cannon to has helped him grow the technology market and community in Hampton Roads.

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Please know that the HR BIZWHEEL effort is considered by us to be a free regional asset to any and all regional orgs who choose to be part of a truly regional effort.  This means that they are at liberty (if appropriate for their business), to place the HRBIZHEEL logo/with link on their websites to help promote our regional ecosystem portal, driving participation and developing the connectivity and strength of our collective business environment.

HR Bizwheel Goals

Be a one-stop resource to learn about the Hampton Roads Business Ecosystem to be used by any regional groups who wish to leverage it. These could be intra-regional entities seeking to maximize their business potential, but equally important, those extra-regional entities who are evaluating our region as a location for their business.

Showcase and market the presence, depth, and breadth of our regional assets (companies, resources, education, science, industry, all), for lead generation and business development purposes

Create easy access for the world economy to do business with Hampton Roads while demonstrating the breadth and depth of our regional business ecosystem.