By Tim Ryan

In a world where ‘Top 10’ lists are the norm, Innovate Hampton Roads dares to go a step further. As we reflect on a year brimming with ingenuity and progress, we proudly present our ‘Top 11’ list for 2023. This unique compilation not only breaks the conventional mold but also offers an extra slice of inspiration, showcasing the groundbreaking achievements and pivotal moments that have distinctly shaped the entrepreneurial and innovative landscape of the Hampton Roads region. Join us as we revisit these remarkable stories, each a beacon of the vibrant spirit and dynamic growth that defined our community in the past year. Drumroll, please!

11: Hampton Roads’ Innovators and Leaders Shine in Virginia Business Magazine’s 2024 List: This article celebrates the region’s brightest minds, underscoring Hampton Roads’ role as a cradle of leadership and innovation. The inclusion in the prestigious Virginia Business Magazine’s 2024 list is a testament to the region’s rising influence in the business world.

10. 757 Angels and 757 Collab Boards Announce Appointment of New Managing Director: The appointment of a new Managing Director marks a significant milestone. This change in leadership is poised to bring fresh perspectives and strategies, strengthening the region’s position in the entrepreneurial and investment landscape.

9. 757 Startup Studios Welcomes New Startups: The welcoming of new startups by 757 Startup Studios highlights the nurturing environment Hampton Roads offers to budding entrepreneurs. This movement embodies the spirit of innovation, providing a platform for ideas to flourish and disrupt the market.

8. Hampton Roads firm grows platform to help people find financial advisers: A local firm’s growth in developing a platform to connect people with financial advisors demonstrates the region’s prowess in fintech innovation. This development is crucial in making financial advice accessible and tailored, a notable stride in financial technology.

7. Stihl Inc. Announces Leadership Change: Chris Keffer to Take the Helm as New President and CEO: The announcement of Chris Keffer as the new President and CEO of Stihl Inc. is not just about a leadership transition, but it also signifies the evolution of corporate governance and strategic direction within a key player in the region’s industrial landscape.

6. SVT Robotics Wins Big at the 2023 SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards: SVT Robotics’ triumph at the 2023 SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards is a shining example of Hampton Roads’ capabilities in robotics and technology. This achievement underlines the region’s growing influence in tech innovation.

5. Innovate Hampton Roads Established: Startwheel Corporation and Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative Combine Education Programs: The merging of Startwheel Corporation and Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative to form Innovate Hampton Roads is a significant leap towards unified educational programs. This consolidation is pivotal in streamlining efforts to educate and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

4. Remembering and Honoring Dan Bell: Remembering and honoring a visionary like Dan Bell is not just about paying tribute but also about reflecting on the impactful legacies individuals can leave in the innovation ecosystem. This article serves as a reminder of the human aspect behind entrepreneurial success.

3. Ignite Your Ideas at 757 Build Weekend ᴮᴱᵀᴬ, August 4th-6th!: Encouraging idea generation and collaboration, the 757 Build Weekend represents dynamic and interactive opportunities for innovators and thinkers in the region.

2. Paper™ acquires MajorClarity to Create a Comprehensive Career & College Readiness Platform: This acquisition story illustrates the burgeoning landscape of ed-tech in Hampton Roads. By creating a comprehensive career and college readiness platform, this move marks a significant advancement in educational technology.

1. 757 Accelerate Welcomes Cohort #6: The welcoming of the 6th cohort by 757 Accelerate is more than an induction event; it’s a celebration of new ideas and a continuous commitment to nurturing startup culture in the region.

These top articles from Innovate Hampton Roads in 2023 highlight significant milestones and paint a picture of a region deeply committed to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The diversity of topics – from leadership changes, technological breakthroughs, and educational initiatives to honoring influential figures – reflects the multifaceted nature of innovation in Hampton Roads. As we step into 2024, the optimism and energy radiating from these stories are inspiring and indicative of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead for this vibrant community.